Top 6 Things To Do On Easter Island

top things to do on Easter Island

This volcanic island is the most remote inhabited island on earth. Although belonging to Chile, it is more than 4000km from the shore of South America.

The Island is most famous for the giant statues of heads called Moai, but the beautiful natural scenery comes in a close second. 

Many people take a trip from Santiago or Tahiti to explore the island for a few days, but it is also a popular small cruise destination

If you are planning on visiting this magnificent place, there is w earth of things to see and do. Here are the top 5 things to do on Easter Island.

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Top Things To Do On Easter Island

Swim At Anakena Beach

There are few places you can swim on the coast of Easter Island thanks to its rocky coastline. However, at Anakena beach you will find a soft, sandy sheltered beach with gentle waves, making it an ideal place to stop and relax. 

The beach slopes slowly into the sea which means taking a dip and swimming here is super easy and perfect for beginners. The best feature of all is the Moai looking down at you from the hillside as you relax on the sand.

This is the perfect option for a lazy day. If you bring your snorkel and mask then keep an eye out for the colourful fish that frequently gather near the shore. 

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See The Sun Rise At Ahu Tong Ariki

One of the things at the top of most visitor's lists is to see the sunrise over the iconic fifteen Moai at Ahu Tong ariki. 

These statues are the best restored Moai on the Island and have recently been put back into their original positions following a tsunami that knocked them down years ago.

The placement for sunrise is beautiful as you get to witness the mountain and sea views with the heads standing tall as the shadows fall behind them with the rising on the sun. 

Witness The Underwater Maoi

Located just off the island's coast and lying around 20 metres deep, the Moai statues found in the water near the island were actually installed by a movie crew during a film shoot. Regardless, scuba diving down to see them is one of the coolest and most fun things to do on Easter Island. 

Dive specialists will guide you to the best locations and give you plenty of photo opportunities. From cavern and wall dives to seeing the underwater Moai diving is an excellent activity choice for adventure lovers on Easter Island.

Visit The Quarry At Rano Raraku

The quarry of Rano Raraku is where all the Moai statues were hand carved, ready to be transported and erected at their final destinations.

Today you can see the statues in all stages, from the beginnings of carvings to fully completed but left abandoned. It gives you a different way to appreciate these great structures with so many all in one place no longer destined for a home on the island.

As well as seeing the quarry there is a volcanic crater here too which affords amazing views across the island. It is one of the most scenic places to visit on the island - perfect for getting those epic panoramic shots!

Quarry at Rano Raraku

Go Mountain Biking

Thanks to a lack of road infrastructure, mountain biking offers one of the best ways of getting around the island. 

Not only can you stop whenever you want, you can take numerous trails along the coast line where you'll see plenty of Moai statues and get some great views. 

There are easy paths and more technical tracks for experienced riders. So no matter your skill level, you'll have a great day out. Mountain bikes can be hired on the island for a an hourly or day rate.  

See The Sunset At Tahai

Although this is one of the more popular locations, Tahai is also one of the most accessible places to view the sunset on Easter Island.

Located next to Hanga Roa village and lying right on the coast, it is a popular spot to sit and relax as you watch the sun go down. There are a couple of Moai here and if you want a little more space to get away from the crowd, take a walk to the next Moai along for a more peaceful sunset experience. 


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