At Expedition Cruise we provide impartial advice and support to travelers looking to cruise some of the most extraordinary places on the planet. Our site covers all the major expedition cruise destinations, including the Polar regions, Alaska, South America and the South Pacific Islands.

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Expedition Cruise Destination Guides

Alaska Cruises

alaska cruise

Alaska offers some of the best expedition cruises in the Northern Hemisphere. From the iconic Inside Passage cruise to the Glacier Bay cruise, you will experience a rich variety of National Park and glacier scenery on an Alaska cruise, as well as lots of wildlife.  

Arctic Cruises

arctic cruise

The Arctic is one of the least understood places on earth. It has enthralled, delighted and surprised visitors for decades. Cruise options are wide and varied, covering Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Svalbard, Russia, Norway, and the North Pole!

Antarctica Cruises

antarctica cruise

Antarctica’s massive ice shelves, awesome remoteness, incredible wildlife and extreme cold make it one of the most extraordinary places to visit on earth. The experience of seeing enormous icebergs and wildlife up close, make Antarctica an unforgettable destination.

South America


Expedition cruises off the Pacific coast of South America are truly awesome. The most popular cruises take in the Galapagos, which is an incredible wildlife destination. Alternatively, if you desire a continental cruise then those on the Amazon river or in Patagonia are amazing.

South Pacific


Cruises in the South Pacific aka the Polynesian Triangle take in some of the most iconic islands in the region - including Easter Island, Hawaii, Tahiti and New Zealand. If culture and island hopping is your thing, then you definitely need to check out what is on offer in the South Pacific.

Helpful Cruise Resources

Choosing a Cruise

choosing the right cruise-ship

Choosing the right cruise for your adventure can be challenging. In this guide we explore the main features of each expedition cruise destination, as well as when to go and what to expect.

Polar Packing List

Taking the right gear for your expedition Polar cruise is critical. Unlike standard cruises, an Polar cruise requires special gear for the types of temperature and weather you will experience.

Photography Tips


Expedition cruises offer some of the best wildlife and landscape settings in the World. In this guide we cover the key photography tips and tricks for your adventure.

Cruise Packing List 

Alaska cruise packing list

Deciding on your perfect cruise packing list can be a stressful time, especially if it's your first time out. In this complete guide we set out everything you need for warm, moderate and cold weather cruises.

Cruise Insurance

cruise travel insurance 2

Although it may not be the most exciting thing to think about, cruise insurance is definitely one of the most important considerations when booking your trip. Find the right insurance for your cruise here!


We had seen God in His splendours, heard the text that Nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man.

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton /  Polar Explorer