Yasuni National Park: 5 Travel Tips

Yasuni National Park

Yasuni National park is located deep within the Amazon Basin in Ecuador. The park is one of the most remote, and biodiverse places on earth.

Of the few areas that have been explored, millions of species of plants, birds, insects and mammals have been identified here.

This vast protected area covers one million hectares of rain forest and borders north Peru. It's therefore imperative that you take a guided tour when exploring this remote region of South America.

This area of the world is often explored by taking an Amazon river cruise which gives you the chance to visit different places on the same trip.

If you are planning a visit to Yasuni National Park this year, here are five travel tips which will help you to enjoy your journey even more.

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Yasuni National Park: 5 Travel Tips

1. Bring A Good Pair Of Binoculars

There are so many different animals, birds and insects to spot in the park that you simply must bring along some binoculars. You will be much better equipped to see far off creatures and small insects up close.

Spot spider monkeys or toucans in the distant trees or get a close up look at the tiny spiders and other insects that call this place home. One of the most popular reasons for visiting Yasuni National Park is for the chance to see incredible wildlife in their natural habitat. 

Yasuni National Park - monkey

2. Use A Reputable Travel Guide

In order to keep yourself safe whilst visiting Yasuni National Park you should always use a reputable travel guide. Book a tour guide that has good reviews, local knowledge, and comes recommended.

Book in advance if you can as this will give you time to research the best travel guides and tour operators in the region. Excellent guides will not only have expert knowledge of the eco-system and its inhabitants, but they will also be able to speak English clearly and present their thoughts in a coherent manner. 

3. Best Time To Visit Yasuni National park

You can visit Yasuni National Park at any time of the year, however, what you see and do will depend on the season. The Rainy season is between December and May and although you have to contend with daily downpours and humid weather, the rising river forces wildlife into the trees, making them easier to spot. This is also the best time for kayaking tours

During the dry months from June through to November, wildlife is harder to spot, but you can take plenty of hikes along forest paths where you're likely to spot spiders and snakes among other species.  

Yasuni National Park - canoeing

4. Bring The Right Clothing

Whenever you visit the rainforest it is going to be wet and humid, so you need to be prepared for this. Heavy clothing will make the air feel even more muggy, as will clothing that does not breathe well.

The best thing to do is bring lightweight, breathable clothing that covers your skin to avoid the sun and any biting insects you may encounter. You should also bring a light rain jacket or poncho to protect you from the rain. Make sure it's small and can be packed away easily. You'll also need a light backpack during the day too to keep your essentials during your day treks.

For a full packing list, please click here.  

5. Respect The Environment 

The most important thing to remember when visiting national parks is to leave as little trace of you being there as possible. It is essential that you respect the park, the wildlife, plants and the local people who work here.

Treading carefully on marked trails and remembering not to touch or feed any wildlife that resides here is critical. This is also why it is important to hire a reputable guide to teach you how to respect the park properly. Take your litter away, leave nothing behind and don’t move or disturb anything.  


If you have any queries or questions regarding Yasuni National Park, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

Thank you and happy travels!

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