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The Top 20 Travel Blogs We Actually Use: 2018

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In our modern and connected world, it has never been easier for people to share their stories and travel insights. 

Whilst this is an amazing resource for potential travelers, the sheer amount of travel blogs on the web is daunting. 

Who can you trust? Who has the information you're really looking for? Who has the ability to convey that information well? Who's travel blog won't bombard you with adverts and campaigns? 

Over the years we have literally read thousands of travel blogs from Alaska to Antarctica and there are definitely ones that stand out for their quality of information, imagery, and honesty. 

So, to help you push through the quagmire of travel blogs out there, we have put together our favourite 20 travel blogs that we have actually read and use. Enjoy! 

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Our Top 20 Favourite Travel Blogs

Husband and wife due Dave and Deb travel the world taking beautiful pictures and writing engaging stories. They also have some great videos! Check out the Antarctic polar plunge video. 

Really strong for: Antarctica travel

Kiersten describes herself as a “bikini-obsessed world-traveler and former cubicle-dweller.” Leaving behind a finance career, Kiersten has travelled all over the world in her pursuit to bring travellers the best information she can.

Really strong for: Solo female travel

​Nomadic Matt is a legend in the travel blog industry. Although he now takes a back seat role on the blog, the information in there is detaild and vast. We've used this blog numerous times to find cheap deals. 

Really strong for: ​Budget travel

​​Amanda Williams, self confessed Lord Of The Rings addict, has travelled to over 50 countries, all the while holding down a job! Her insightful pieces show you how to travel while also working a day job. 

Really strong for: ​​People who work and travel

After working for years Barbara felt solid on the outside, but empty on the inside. She then decided to start a travel blog and boy are we thankful! Forget listicles, this is a proper down-to-earth blog with proper information and stories. 

Really strong for: Writing and storytelling 

​Matt Karsten is the guy behind expert vagabond. He's got a great eye for photography and offers up funny and quirky stories that keep you entertained for hours. 

Really strong for: ​​Adventurous destinations

​Almost Fearless is a blog ​designed for active parents. Many people are discouraged from travelling with children. Almost Fearless puts an end to this with detailed information on how to do it. 

Really strong for: ​Family travel

​​Borders of Adventure is run by award winning writer Becki Enright. Becki has a "a passion for uncovering places of great change, deeper culture and wider meaning."

Really strong for: ​​Travel within Asia

​9. ​​Everything Everywhere Travel Blog

​​What can we say about Gary Arndt? Well firstly, he's a three-time Travel Photographer of the Year winner and great writer! He's travelled to over 180 countries and you can download his free 100-page travel photography eBook on his blog. 

Really strong for: ​​Photography inspiration

​10. ​​A Little Adrift

​​National Geographic Traveler of the Year Shannon O’Donnell began travling in 2008 and hasnt stopped since. Her blog promotes responsible tourism and she hopes to inspire others to the same. 

Really strong for: ​Green travel

​11. ​​Migrationology

​​Migrationology is a blog dedicated to worldwide food. Mark Wiens is the man behind the travel blog and is food obsessed! If you travel to try new foods, then this is definitely the blog for you. 

Really strong for: ​​Foreign food expereinces

​12.​ Ordinary Traveler

​​Run by Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore, Ordinary Traveler is the award-winning travel blog. The blog is the perfect reminder that you don't need to be a pro traveller or nomad to expereince the world.  

Really strong for: ​​Working travelers 

​13. ​​Travel With Winny

​​Winny and York are a Kiwi & Aussie couple who love to travel. They've travelled to all 7 continents and continue to find new and exciting ways to see the world on a budget. 

Really strong for: ​Budget travel

​14. ​One Mile At A Time

​​In terms of traffic, this is the top ranked travel blog on earth! Ben Schlappig AKA 'Lucky' is the man behind it. You'll find great info on air miles and finding cheap travel deals. 

Really strong for: ​Flight deals

​15. ​​The Poor Traveler

​​Vins and Yosh travel the world ona  budget. Although they're probably not poor anymore, the information they provide is great for people travelling on a shoe-string. 

Really strong for: ​Budget travel

​16. ​​Travelwith2ofus

​​Simon and Nikki are two Carribean travellers searching out new and interesting places to visit. Nikki is described as the adventurous one, whilst Simon is the coward. Together they find the perfect balance. 

Really strong for: ​​Carribean and Latin America travel

​17. ​​Swedish Nomad

​​Alexander Waltner is the Swedish Nomad that everyone is talking about. He has a great eye for photography and a real talent for conveying stories. 

Really strong for: ​​Photography and European travel

​18. ​​​​Pause The Moment

​​Ryan Gargiulo is a ​digital influencer with a passion for adventurous travel expereinces. His blog is perfect for travel tips, finding unique epxereinces and generally follwing his fun adventures. 

Really strong for: ​​Adventure travel

​19. Retire Early and Travel

​​Run by Keith and Tina, Retire Early and Travel offers tips for older people and travllers looking to retire early. There is great information on how to make the transition.

Really strong for: ​​Retirement travel

​20. ​​The Savvy Backpacker

​​The Savvy Backpacker is the ultimate guide for people backpacking on a budget. You'll find real, honest and in-depth advise in all their guides aross the world. 

Really strong for: ​Budget backpacker travel


If you have any queries or questions regarding our favourite travel blogs, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

Thank you and happy travels!

Expedition Cruise Team

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Nancy D. Brown says December 19, 2018

Great list you’ve compiled. I’ve just returned from a cruise to Cuba. Like my fellow travel writer and friend, Barbara Weibel, Antarctica is on my 2019 list. I welcome the opportunity to introduce myself to you and perhaps join Expedition Cruise Guide on a trip.

    Burnham Arlidge says December 19, 2018

    Hi Nancy,

    So glad you liked the list! Very exciting to being visiting Antarctica in 2019, I’m sure you’ll have a blast.
    Unfortunately, we don’t actually operate or sell cruises ourselves, we’re simply a guide website. However, I’m sure our partners at ExpeditionTrips.com will be able to help you 🙂

    Cheers Nancy!

Neogen says July 26, 2019

So glad you liked the list! Very exciting to being visiting Antarctica in 2019, I’m sure you’ll have a blast.
Unfortunately, we don’t actually operate or sell cruises ourselves, we’re simply a guide website. However, I’m sure our partners at ExpeditionTrips.com will be able to help you

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