Best Time To Visit Tahiti

best time to visit Tahiti

Because of its fantastic location, Tahiti is blessed with a lovely year-round climate. This can often make deciding on the best time to visit Tahiti quite difficult. 

Nowadays, Tahiti cruises are becoming more and more popular thanks to the freedom they allow. Tahiti is also famously expensive (for good reason) and cruises offer a slightly cheaper way of experiencing the island. 

Although most Tahiti cruises are part of longer itinerary that takes in other South Pacific islands such as Bora Bora, Easter Island, Huavine etc., the climates are very similar. 

Throughout the year Tahiti sees very little variation in seasonal temperatures. Summer tends to range from the mid-70s to the high 80s, whilst Winter ranges from the upper 60s to the mid-80s fahrenheit. 

The real difference in seasons is humidity and rain. The summer is actually the low tourist season thanks to it's humid climate and frequent rain showers. Below we discuss more. 

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Best Time To Visit Tahiti

Below we have provided a seasonal guide on the best time to visit Tahiti. Please remember that rain showers are frequent and you'll need to bring appropriate clothing

Seasonal Breakdown

Winter (Dry Season)

Winter is the peak season in Tahiti and, generally speaking, runs from May through to October. 

This is often considered the best time to visit Tahiti thanks to the cooler weather. Temperatures are pleasant, staying between the 60s and mid-80s fahrenheit. 

More importantly, Winter is the dry season. This means less rain and much less humidity. During activities such as hiking, riding, kayaking etc, the humidity can get a little overwhelming in the Summer period. 

Because there is less rain and the seas are calmer, the water is slightly clearer during this season, making it ideal for snorkelling and diving opportunities. 

The peak season is also the time that Tahiti hosts many of it's biggest events. These include the Billabong Pro (surf competition) in August and the International Golf Championship in September. Tahiti's major cultural festival - the Heiva - is also run in Winter during June and July. 

The downside of the dry season is crowds and cost. As with all peak seasons, hotel prices go up and the beaches become far more crowded. 

Summer (Wet Season)

The Summer is the less popular season due to rain and humidity. However, we believe it's still one of the best times to visit Tahiti. 

Because there are daily showers, there are far fewer visitors during this period. This means you'll have a far more peaceful beach experiences and there won't be the same demand for paid activities like 4x4 trips, diving, kayaking etc. 

The Summer season also sees the prices drop for accommodation and flights. This is a huge bonus if you're on a budget, especially when you consider this is the least busy time of the year also. 

If you visit in April you'll have the chance to experience the Ori Tahiti Festival which focuses on traditional Plynesian dancing and is great to watch! 

Although there are fewer tourists and the prices are cheaper, the weather is hot and humid. Many people struggle with rigorous activities during this time. Saying that, if you want to simply chill out on the beach, the hot weather only makes the swimming breaks more sweet. 

The daily rain showers are not to everyone's taste and you'll certainly need to factor this in. Weather is often cloudy with short bursts of sun and rain punctuating the days. Although quite rainy, you'll still get some bright, clear days. 

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Expedition Cruise do not sell tours, we simply provide impartial advice. If you would like an exact quote with our recommended specialist click Get a Quote.


Below is a short video by CoconetTv showing the highlights of the Heiva i 2016, performed during mid-Winter. 


If you have any queries or questions regarding the best time to visit Tahiti, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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