Hudson Bay Wildlife: See Nature At Her Best


Hudson Bay is the second largest bay in the world. Teeming with wildlife, a plethora of species call this magnificent region home.

Located in Manitoba, Canada, Hudson bay is an excellent place to see marine life, mammals and hundreds of species of birds.

Known as an active wildlife corridor, tourists travel to this scenic and remote area to view the abundant array of creatures in their natural habitat.

Although most notable for it's Polar Bears, Hudson Bay is also one of the best places to see large pods of Beluga whales.

It is impossible to mention every species that can be seen in Hudson Bay, but below are some of the more popular animals that can be found in this wonderful wilderness. We also discuss the best time to visit Hudson Bay and wildlife watching tour options. 

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Hudson Bay Wildlife

Hudson Bay Mammals

The area of Churchill which is located on the edge of the bay is often called the Polar Bear capital of the world. As the southernmost colony of polar bears, there are often hundreds frequenting the area during the hunting season. This is when the sea is freezing, and they gather to hunt seals and other sea life in the bay. This is also the only place you can see polar bears hunting beluga whales.

As well as the polar bears, there are plenty of other interesting mammals found here including moose, black bears, caribou and wolves. Make sure to take a wildlife tour to avoid disappointment.

Hudson Bay Marine Species

Beluga whales live in sub-arctic waters and are near the top of the check-list for most visitors to Hudson Bay. Hudson Bay offers the perfect mix of climate and food which means that the bay is home to the world’s largest population of beluga whales. You'll find plenty of whale watching tours to enjoy. You'll hopefully see the whales playing together and hear their high-pitched whistles and clicks as they communicate to one another.

Walrus, dolphins, and orcas also frequent the bay to feed on the cod, salmon and polar plaice which, in turn, feast on molluscs, starfish and sea urchins living here. 

Hudson Bay wildlife - bear

Best Time To Visit Hudson Bay

When visiting the Canadian Arctic, you should know that summers are short and the best time to visit Hudson Bay will depend on what you want to see and do here. 

From mid-June to mid-September is the best time to see the beluga whales as they migrate to this area. To see Polar bears, October to November is the best time as they are hunting on the tundra. For a special bear viewing experience visit in March to see polar bear cubs emerge with their mothers.

August to September is the best times to witness the great caribou migration. You can also see the polar bears at this time which is ideal. The rare musk oxen are also most likely to be spotted during this period.

Hudson Bay wildlife - wolf

Hudson Bay Wildlife Tours

There are many different tours you can take in Hudson Bay, but here are some of the best ones you may want to consider.

There’s a whale and polar bear boat tour which takes a boat around Hudson Bay to see polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. The tour takes about 6 hours which gives you a great chance at spotting beluga and bears. An addition to this is a walking tour of the historic Prince of Wales Fort. 

Another option is to take a tundra tour to see the Polar bears up close and personal. Small groups can enjoy a tailored service and expert guides take you to the best photographic spots to snap polar bears. 

Helicopter tours of the bay can also be arranged, seeing the destination from a totally different viewpoint. You'll see whales and bears from above, but you won't get very close sadly. 

Take A Cruise

An amazing way to see this beautiful area and surroundings is to take a Canadian Artic cruise

You cruise from place to place and can enjoy excursions (such as the tours mentioned above) when you arrive in around Hudson Bay. It is also a great way to see migrating whales and sea life without leaving your ship. 

If you cruise late in the season you may have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights from the middle of the ocean. A cruise makes for perfect conditions as you'll be away from light pollution.  

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