How To Get To The North Pole: Every Option

how to get to the North Pole

Famed in explorer history, the North Pole is a location that few have ever witnessed. This is because actually getting to the North Pole is not easy. 

When you talk about the North Pole, there are actually four different locations you could be referring to. But most agree that the Geographic North Pole is known as the true north. This is the goal that early explorers sought after and is where most expeditions seek to reach.

Some notable expeditions include Robert Peary in 1909, Roald Amundsen in 1926, Wally Herbert in 1969, and Pen Hadow in 2000. 

If you're planning on trekking and skiing, the best time to go to the North Pole is between February and May. This avoids the very cold winter months and the dangerous melting ice in the summer months.

This is not a basic expedition and there are plenty of dangers including Polar bears, drifting ice, open water and, of course, the effects of the cold. Always book with an experienced operator and bring the right clothing.  

Here are some of the best ways to get to the North Pole.

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How To Get To The North Pole

Below we have listed the most popular ways of reaching the North Pole. Please note that because of the remoteness of the region, expenses are generally high. 

Take A Cruise

A popular way to reach the North Pole is to explore the arctic by cruise. Journey on an Ice breaker cruiser, ploughing through thick pack ice as you make the amazing journey to top of the world.

There is the opportunity to view polar bears, walrus and other arctic wildlife whilst you are cruising. You can even take photography workshops on board where you'll get the chance to snap some polar bears and walrus. 

For such a bespoke experience the price is not cheap, but it is to be expected in such a remote place where specialist equipment and knowledge is needed. Start in Murmansk in Russia, then make your way across the Artic Ice to the North Pole. 

Prices start from US$28,000 per person. 

how to get to the North Pole

Fly To The North Pole

If money is no option, flying to the North Pole is the easiest option. The most common way is flying to the Svalbard archipelago which is halfway between the top of Norway and the North Pole. Then you fly to the Barneo Ice Station where you can take a helicopter ride for the last sixty miles to the Geographic North Pole. 

You can choose from landing at the North Pole or just flying over and enjoying the view from above. There is also the option to fly direct from Canada.

Although an expensive way to visit, you need limited equipment or expertise for this option.

Run The North Pole Marathon

You can enter what is known as The World’s Coolest Marathon which takes place at Barneo Ice station each year.

Once you finish the race, a flight to the Geographic North Pole is included in the overall package. Entrance fee is around €12,000. Although expensive, this is one of the cheapest options for reaching the North pole! 

You are supported for the whole duration and you'll only actually be on the ice for a few hours. As long as you are fit enough to complete the marathon, you will achieve two major accomplishments in one trip! 

how to get to the North Pole 2

Ski To The North Pole 

Another common way to visit the North Pole is to ski the last degree. You can either organise this yourself or book with a professional tour company to sort the logistics for you.

Take a plane or a helicopter from Barneo to drop you off at the 89th Degree and ski the last degree which is around 65 miles. When you book an organised tour, you will get the support of a team and a guide to lead you to the Geographic North Pole

It is a great way to combine the achievement of polar exploration and reaching the North Pole with the help of transport along the way. 


If you have any queries or questions regarding how to get to the North Pole, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

Thank you and happy travels!

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