Svalbard Cruise Itineraries: The Complete List

Svalbard cruise itineraries

Due to the number of visitors and wide array of highlights that Svalbard has to offer, there are numerous Svalbard cruise itineraries on offer.

A land of snow, ice and polar bears, Svalbard is a remarkable landscape that draws thousands of travellers to her shores every year.

Visitors to the archipelago will be delighted by the varied landscape of mountains, tundra, ice caps and colossal glaciers. However, nothing can prepare you for the sheer amount of wildlife, including walrus, seals, birds, reindeer, foxes and polar bears.

Because of time frame, budget and personal preference, not all people want the same Svalbard itinerary. So, to help you choose which Svalbard cruise itinerary will suit you most, we have written a quick guide on each route below.

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​Svalbard Cruise Itineraries

​Around Spitsbergen

Svalbard cruise itineraries - Around spitsbergen

Around Spitsbergen is the quintessential Svalbard itinerary. A favourite among many, the itinerary offers the best of Spitsbergen at a price that doesn't break the bank.

By sailing around Svalbard's largest island, you'll get a full sense of what landscapes and wildlife are on offer. Expect to witness reindeer walking over open tundra, polar bears stalking over ice caps and walrus hauling out onto low-floating icebergs.

If you're lucky you'll witness Monaco glacier calving or see an arctic fox hunting bird eggs blow the rocky cliffs.

Prices from: US$4,500 - 8,500

Trip length: 10-11 days

​Svalbard In Depth

Svalbard in depth cruise itinerary

Probably the best option for people who really want to explore Svalbard and sail to less-visited areas of the archipelago such as Nordaustlandet.

Although you will sail to the weather, the in-depth cruise aims to give cruise goers the full Svalbard experience, stopping at every major site whilst giving visitors the best chance to see wildlife.

As you circumnavigate Spitsbergen, you'll spot numerous seal and whale species, and hopefully a good few bears! Most in-depth cruises of Svalbard spot more than 10 polar bears.

Prices from: US$7,000 - 12,000

Trip length: 12-13 days

​Spitsbergen Highlights

Svalbard cruise itineraries - Spitsbergen highlights

The Spitsbergen highlights cruise is a fantastic way for people to explore the island who are on a tight schedule.

In just 6 days you'll sail the northeast of the island, taking in sites such as Monaco Glacier, Krossfjord, the abandoned settlement of Smeerenburg, and Barentsburg which boasts the the world’s northernmost brewery!

Although you don't get to visit all of Spitsbergen on this cruise, this is still a great opportunity to see the islands most beautiful landscapes and wildlife in a short time frame.

Prices from: US$3,300 - 8,300

Trip length: 6 days

​West Svalbard

Svalbard cruise itineraries - West Svalbard

Similar to that of the highlights cruise, but with more time to explore. The West Svalbard cruise allows visitors to sail into the wild wilderness of the western coast where wildlife is most abundant.

You sail through deep fjords, visit colossal glaciers such as Monaco glacier and watch polar bears stalk the ice in search of sleeping seals. If you're lucky you'll make numerous shore landings where you'll see nesting birds and reindeer wandering the tundra landscape.

The west of Svalbard is prime polar bear territory and you should always be on the lookout for these beautiful creatures.

Prices from: US$5,200 - 13,200

Trip length: 9-10 days

​Norway To Svalbard

Svalbard cruise itineraries - Norway to Svalbard

Get the best of both worlds with the Norway to Svalbard cruise. Sail along the stunning Norwegian coast, taking in sites such as Briksdal glacier - one of the most beautiful in Europe!

You'll also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Geiranger Fjord and witness stunning mountains and waterfalls. After this you'll cross the sea and enter the polar world of Svalbard where polar bears await!

Keep a sharp eye out for walrus along the southwest coast and take in the millions of seabirds that migrate to this region every year.

Prices from: US$8,000 - 24,000

Trip length: 10-11 days

​​Svalbard To Iceland

Svalbard cruise itineraries - Svalbard to Iceland

The Iceland and Svalbard cruise is the ideal option for people who want to witness some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth all in one cruise.

Both destinations are famed for their varied landscapes and photographers will be in paradise during this cruise. Search for polar bears hunting on the pack ice in Svalbard and visit some of the most pristine glaciers on our planet.

In Iceland you'll visit locations such as Akureyri, Isafjordur, Vigur Island, and Grimsey before finishing up in the capital of Reykjavik.

Prices from: US$13,000 - 37,000

Trip length: 12-13 days

​North Spitsbergen

Svalbard cruise itineraries - North spitsbergen

If you want to see Polar bears but can't afford the in-depth cruise itinerary, then the Northern Spitsbergen cruise is the next best thing!

In the remote northern region of Spitsbergen, polar bears are spotted on an almost daily basis, giving travellers the best possible photo opportunities. Not only this, but you'll visit Raudfjord, one of the ,most wildlife-rich fjords in Svalbard.

Depending on when you sail, expect to see bearded and ringed seals, plus millions of nesting seabirds. If the weather and sea ice allow, you may even be able to visit Nordaustlandet - Svalbard's second largest island.

Prices from: US$3,800 - 6,800

Trip length: 8 days

​Spitsbergen And North-East Greenland

Svalbard cruise itineraries - North spitsbergen

The Spitsbergen and Northeast Greenland cruise is a two week cruise that journeys up the Spitsbergen coast before visiting Greenland.

Like most Arctic cruise, this one is packed with wildlife. Expect to see polar bears, reindeer and Arctic foxes as you travel up Spitsbergen's Northwest coast. Look out for whales as you make your crossing to Greenland and keep a sharp eye out for the thousands of seabirds that make the same passage.

Once in Greenland you'll visit places such as Myggebugten and take hikes along the coastal tundra where musk oxen roam.

Prices from: US$5,900 - 12,300

Trip length: 13-14 days

​Norwegian Fjords And Spitsbergen ​

Svalbard cruise itineraries - Norwegian fjords and Spitsbergen

Similar to that of the Norway to Svalbard cruise, this cruise takes in the stunning fjords of Forward before travelling on to Longyearbyen - the capital of Svalbard.

Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and explore stunning villages along the picturesque coast. After seeing the scenery of the fjords you'll make the crossing to Svalbard. This is a fantastic time to look for whales such as humpback and minke.

Once in Svalbard you'll visit Bellsund and Horndsun to search for polar bears and seals. Both sunds offer excellent wildlife viewing, particularly when it comes to seabirds.

Prices from: US$5,900 - 12,500

Trip length: 15 days

​Scotland, Norwegian Fjords And Svalbard

Svalbard cruise itineraries - Scotland, norway and Svalbard

Your cruise begins in Scotland where you sail to the UK's most northern tip - John O Groats.

The seas around this area are widely recognised as one of the best sites to see Atlantic Puffins. From Scotland you make your way to Norway, keeping a sharp eye out for whales and seabirds. Along the Norwegian coast you'll visit many stunning fjords and picturesque villages before making your way to Svalbard.

Once in Svalbard you'll visit sites such as Bellsund and Monaco glacier where Polar bears, seals and wales are seen frequently. You'll end your journey in Svalbard's capital - Longyearbyen.

This is also a popular itinerary for Northern Light cruises in September. 

Prices from: US$13,000 - 35,000

Trip length: 13 days

​​Franz Josef Land And Svalbard

Svalbard cruise itineraries - Franz josef land and Svalbard

The Franz Josef Land and Svalbard cruise is one of the most unique cruises you can complete in the Arctic.

Your journey begins in Longyearbyen where you set off in search of polar bears, walrus, seals and seabirds. From Spitsbergen you'll journey north into the Franz Josef Land archipelago. This is an area few people visit and, because of this, wildlife thrives.

Expect to see the remnants of  historic expeditions that have gone before you, whist your guide tells you of their poignant stories.

Prices from: US$9,400 - 23,000

Trip length: 15 days

​Iceland, Greenland And Svalbard

Svalbard cruise itineraries - Iceland, greenland and Svalbard

The three jewels of the Arctic! Without doubt one of the best Arctic cruises on offer because of the sheer variety of landscapes and wildlife that can be seen.

You'll journey from high above the Arctic Circle down to Scoresby Sund in Greenland before finishing on the stunning coasts of Iceland. Throughout the trip you'll have the chance to see the Arctic's most iconic species such as polar bear, musk oxen, reindeer, walrus, beluga and narwhal.

For landscape lovers you'll get s stunning variety including glaciers, icebergs, mountains and active volcanoes!

Prices from: US$7,600 - 17,600

Trip length: 13 days

​Fair Isle, Faroes And Spitsbergen

Svalbard cruise itineraries - fair isles, spitsbergen

Although the Fair Isle, Faroes, and Spitsbergen cruise is one of the cheapest options, you still get a fantastic experience that generally culminates in seeing the mighty polar bear.

If you love wildlife but don't want to break the bank, this may just be the cruise for you. Expect to see Atlantic puffins, reindeer, walrus and polar bears. On the crossing you should keep a sharp eye out for whales and dolphins. Often very sociable, dolphins will ride the bow wave of your cruise ship.

Once in Svalbard you'll see stunning glaciers, sea ice and floating icebergs of all shapes and sizes.

Prices from: US$2,500 - 8,000

Trip length: 11 days

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