best time to visit the Arctic

Best Time To Visit The Arctic

The best time to visit the Arctic is during the summer season. In fact, unless you are a researcher, this is the only time you'll be able to reach the Arctic Circle proper by ship. When you go during the

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Arctic cruise cost

Arctic Cruise Cost: A Detailed Guide

Planning your expedition cruise to the Arctic is an exciting and incredibly rewarding venture. However, because of the remoteness and high operating expenses, Arctic cruise costs are not cheap.Sadly, the

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Svalbard cruise cost

Svalbard Cruise Costs: A Detailed Guide

Planning your Svalbard cruise is such an exciting venture. At some point though, our budget must take top consideration and Svalbard cruise costs can vary considerably. Because Svalbard is a remote

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best things to do in the Arctic

Best Things To Do In The Arctic

Below we have compiled a list of the best things to do in the Arctic from dog sledding and kayaking, to climbing and hot air ballooning!Because of it's sheer size, stretching across numerous countries,

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best places to visit in Svalbard

Best Places To Visit In Svalbard: An Icy Wonderland

Svalbard is one of the most popular destinations for people wishing to experience the true Arctic. The diverse landscape and abundant wildlife bring thousands of travellers to her shores each year.Whether

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Arctic wildlife

Arctic Wildlife: Pictures, Facts And Information

The Arctic wildlife​ is the main reason people take cruises to this part of the world. Whilst the landscape is superb, there is nothing that quite beats seeing a 450kg polar bear stalk the ice in search

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Svalbard wildlife

Svalbard Wildlife: Pictures, Facts And Information

For most people, Svalbard's wildlife is what makes he archipelago so special. Although Svalbard does not offer the most diverse species range, the wildlife that does inhabit the islands are generally abundant.Only

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Svalbard cruise itineraries

Svalbard Cruise Itineraries: The Complete List

Due to the number of visitors and wide array of highlights that Svalbard has to offer, there are numerous Svalbard cruise itineraries on offer.A land of snow, ice and polar bears, Svalbard is a remarkable

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arctic cruise packing list

Arctic Cruise Packing List: Complete Gear List

A simple web search for an Arctic packing list returns fairly unsatisfactory results. Whilst there are basic info pages, these Arctic packing lists fall short when it comes to explaining why certain items

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