best time to cruise Alaska

Best Time To Cruise Alaska

The Alaskan cruise season only runs during Summer thanks to the long, dark hours of Winter. However, the best time to cruise Alaska during summer depends very much on what you want to see. The Alaska

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best time to visit Antarctica

Best Time To Visit Antarctica

Because of the unforgiving landscape and climate, the best time to visit Antarctica is during Summer when cruises operate. This time period is relatively short and runs from late October through to March. During

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Arctic travel insurance

Arctic Travel Insurance: Get The Right Protection

All travel does with certain risks. This is especially true when travelling to remote regions like the Arctic Circle.To ensure that you understand all of your Arctic travel insurance options, we have set

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Arctic photography

Arctic Photography – 10 Pro Tips

The Arctic landscape is both unique and unforgettable. Many people would call it a photographer's dream. Arctic photography can be tricky though.From towering sea cliffs and epic mountains, to wild tundras

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best time to visit Svalbard

Best Time To Visit Svalbard: Month By Month Breakdown

In general, the best time to visit Svalbard is in winter when temperatures are their heighest and the wildife is most active.The summer period in Svalbard runs from late May through to early Septemeber.This

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best time to visit the Arctic

Best Time To Visit The Arctic

The best time to visit the Arctic is during the summer season. In fact, unless you are a researcher, this is the only time you'll be able to reach the Arctic Circle proper by ship. When you go during the

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Arctic cruise cost

Arctic Cruise Cost: A Detailed Guide

Planning your expedition cruise to the Arctic is an exciting and incredibly rewarding venture. However, because of the remoteness and high operating expenses, Arctic cruise costs are not cheap.Sadly, the

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Svalbard cruise cost

Svalbard Cruise Costs: A Detailed Guide

Planning your Svalbard cruise is such an exciting venture. At some point though, our budget must take top consideration and Svalbard cruise costs can vary considerably. Because Svalbard is a remote

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best things to do in the Arctic

Best Things To Do In The Arctic

Below we have compiled a list of the best things to do in the Arctic from dog sledding and kayaking, to climbing and hot air ballooning!Because of it's sheer size, stretching across numerous countries,

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best places to visit in Svalbard

Best Places To Visit In Svalbard: An Icy Wonderland

Svalbard is one of the most popular destinations for people wishing to experience the true Arctic. The diverse landscape and abundant wildlife bring thousands of travellers to her shores each year.Whether

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