top things to do on Easter Island

Top 6 Things To Do On Easter Island

This volcanic island is the most remote inhabited island on earth. Although belonging to Chile, it is more than 4000km from the shore of South America. The Island is most famous for the giant statues of

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how to get to the North Pole

How To Get To The North Pole: Every Option

Famed in explorer history, the North Pole is a location that few have ever witnessed. This is because actually getting to the North Pole is not easy. When you talk about the North Pole, there are

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best things to do in Reykjavi

7 Best Things To Do In Reykjavik

A visit to Iceland’s ‘cool’ capital gives you the opportunity to do as much or as little as you wish. The swimming pools and hot springs are perfect for those looking to kick back and relax,

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Amazon River kayaking

Amazon River Kayaking: Venture Into The Jungle

The Amazon is an amazing place to kayak and explore the varied and interesting wildlife. There are over one hundred bird species, monkeys, butterflies, caimans, jaguars, and freshwater dolphins to spot

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Disko Bay Greenland

Disko Bay: Greenland’s Jewel

A remote and beautiful part of the world, Disko bay is a haven for those who want to see unspoiled landscapes and artic wildlife.Most people come to Greenland to immerse themselves in the wilderness and

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ships that sail the Northwest Passage

Ships That Sail The Northwest Passage

The fabled Northwest Passage is one of the most epic cruises on earth. However, there are numerous ships that sail the Northwest Passage. So how do you decide which ship will suit you the most?Luckily,

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Ellesmere Island

Ellesmere Island: A Tourist guide

The tenth largest island on earth, Ellesmere Island is the northernmost populated place in Canada. It's varied landscape and magical wildlife make it one of the most impressive places to visit in the Arctic.Located

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Wrangel Island

Wrangel Island: The Polar Bear Nursery

Lying 140 km off the North Siberian coast, Wrangel Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famed for its large polar bear colony. The island is located in the Arctic Ocean between

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best time to visit Norway

Best Time To Visit Norway

The best time to visit Norway is by no means clear. It really depends on what you want to see and do whist visiting this beautiful country.Located in the far north of Europe, Norway (in particular the

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best time to visit Iceland

Best Time To Visit Iceland

Iceland is without doubt one of the most stunning countries on our planet. Choosing the best time to visit Iceland can be tricky thanks to its year-round beauty.In the past years tourism has exploded in

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